Here's the deal.

Countless posts on this blog are about how I'm going to start posting more.

But here's the thing:

It's all a misplaced hope.

I just don't have things to post. My Internet personality doesn't do enough on the Internet to post about, and my real life experiences never seem to fit in a blog post. My writing has dwindled down to a couple of half-baked ideas in a forgotten folder on my desktop.

*deep breath*

The Edge is done.

"But what about Pond Wars?" you ask. Well, I really would like to keep it going, and in a few months, I may or may not start a new blog dedicated to new things; this blog, however, has run its course.

So, without further ado, I shall conclude this final post on this blog. For anyone still following the Edge, thanks for sticking with me. :)

Farewell for now. :)



Merry Christmas!

Sorry, guys.

I still don't have anything prepared to post.

Merry Christmas anyways. :)




This is awkward.

or should I say...

aaaaaaayyyyyy....? :D

*clears throat* Sorry.

Anyways. It's been a long time, but I finally have something to post!

Yesterday (Sunday) was my piano teacher's annual studio recital, in which I performed two pieces by composer Franz Liszt: La Campanella and Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. The first of those didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but the Rhapsody was good. My teacher's husband filmed it, so I thought I'd share it with you all. :) (If anybody actually visits this blog anymore XD)

Hope you enjoyed. :)



A Puzzling Mystery

A man showed up at our door yesterday.

What did he look like? I cannot remember, for my attention had drifted to the cardboard box. Straight as a ruler, long as a five-foot spoon, heavy as a grown man, it weighed down the little hand cart upon which it sat.

What could it be?

I snapped a few pictures to see if I could determine its purpose.

Casio privia?

Google Translate dubs it Italian, but I think it may be Greek. Note the delta character.

The contents of the box. I seem to have assembled some sort of -







I got bored.

My work schedule has allowed me a few moments of free time!

Ceeellllllleebrate good times COME ON


Unfortunately I couldn't find anything quick to post, so I guess I'll have to resort to a rough-edged portion of EDGE.


Now for the dramatic flashback.
The year was 2068. June 26th. Dawn stretched out its early tendrils of light among the worn buildings of Carson City, Nevada.
Arseneau’s grip encircled the planet, and the painful evidence made itself very palpable. The streets were piled high with debris and garbage, but lacked the presence of humans. The Overlord’s police force, scattered across the rooftops, cavorted proudly from house to house.
Indoors, the constant thud of the cops’ footsteps got on the last nerve of one particular tween.
Wilbur Eiffelman had had enough.
He marched into Keenan’s bedroom and emptied a bowl of ice water on his friend.
After peeling himself off the ceiling, Keenan dried off and sat down at the kitchen table, still shivering as he drilled Wilbur with an icy glare.
“You had better have a pretty stinking good reason for this.”
“Oh, I do.” That crafty smile of his.
“Spit it out, then.”
Loud footfalls directly above.
“Hear that?”
“I’ve tuned it out.”
“Good for you, but I haven’t. And I think we ought a do something about it.”
Thunk. Ice falling from Keenan’s blond mop. “You’re nuts. I’m going back to bed.” Scrape of wood on wood, interrupted by –
“No! Sit! I’m serious. I’ve had it up to here”—exaggerated hand measurement—“with this Arseneau nonsense!”
“Shut up! They might hear you!”
“I don’t care. I’m gonna dump that guy off the roof, and you’re helping me.”
“You’re insane! If you keep this up I’ll tell your –”
“If you help me, I’ll arrange something for you and Victoria.”
“Victoria from Evan Street?”
“That’s right.”
Very slight hesitation.
And from that point forward, it wasn’t just the officer that plummeted.
The duo donned their sneakers and crawled into the attic. Dusty up there. Come to think of it, dust was rather widespread in that area. Sometimes Keenan imagined that it came from the ashes of the war in 2026 (he was correct; the epicenter of that conflict just so happened to be in Nevada).
Ignoring the wispy cobwebs, Wilbur scooted over to the top-hinged skylight. The orange sun greeted him.
What a great day to die.
Keenan disagreed. “Are you sure this is a good idea? They could find out where we live.”
“Not if they don’t see our faces.”
He hid his own with a scarf, tossing a timeworn ski mask to Keenan, who, though unsure, pulled it on.
“You’ve been planning this, haven’t you?” Muffled by the mask.
“Maybe I have. Does it matter?” Voice similarly dampened.
“Kind of.”
“Well do you want Victoria or not?”
“I’m starting to think even she might not be worth it.”
“C’mon. Of course she is. Tell you what—I’ll give you some money, and you can go buy an antique for her. She loves old stuff. ‘Kay?”
“She calls old stuff ‘retro’.”
“Sure, whatever. That’s after. But you need to focus right now if you wanna get to that.”
Deep inhale. Long exhale. “Okay. What do you want me to do?”
“I just need a distraction, like in the moving pictures. You jump out, yell something at them, and while he’s looking at you, I’ll push him off.”
Quickened heart rate.
Nod from Keenan.
“So go.”
He went.
He saw.
He succeeded.
He wasn’t the only one who saw, however.
Soon after the cop hit the gravel two stories below, Wilbur’s whoop of victory turned into a sickening gargle as the slug punched through his skull.
He followed the officer, down, down, down . . .
All the way to the grave.

Depressing, right? I thought so. Don't worry - I've got redemption planned out for later. But you'll have to wait quite a while for that. :P

So yeah. That's a good deal of what I wrote during Camp NaNo. I failed to reach my word count goal, but I achieved another goal - actually writing for once. ;)

- HyperLinkzer


Update: Lack of Posts

Here's the deal.

You may have noticed that I didn't even get around to Top Ten Tuesday this week. This is due to the fact that, since I received the job position I was shooting for, I now work 8 hours a day. Not only that, I also have Geometry and Chemistry to work through before the fall semester.

As a result, my blog has suffered greatly during this last week. In fact, I have more free time during the school year than I do now. And I'll be without electronic access next week to boot.

All of this leaves me with a few options.

1. Write posts on Saturdays and schedule them for later.
2. Consume any free time I get for the purpose of posting.
3. Throw together a post if I have a quick minute.
4. Stop posting altogether.

Obviously I'm not going to pick the final one, but I will make an attempt at the other three. As I just briefly mentioned a moment ago, I will be without electronic access next week, leaving me to blogging the old fashioned way - notebook and pencil. If I have the time, and if I don't put it off, I will write the next episode of Pond Wars.

I apologize for all this procrastination. (If you read through my recent posts you'll notice that the undertone is composed of laziness, half-hearted lists, and lame excuses.)

I will try harder.

- HyperLinkzer